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Cabins near the river

  • Berg-Jensen-Hytta Cabins near the river
    This cabin is fully booked through out 2018
    NOK 450.00 per night
  • Den Nye Hytta Cabins near the river
    This cabin is beautifully situated on a cliff overlooking the river and direct access to sector 2 and 3. Its simple but fully equipped with refrigerator, stove and oven, two bedrooms, 5 beds, a dining table and chairs. Toilet in cabin, water from outside water pump. A balcony with outside barbecue towards the river side. Parking close to cabin and short walking distance to riverboats. Please contact Therese Thue Halvorsen mobile + 47 909 96 832, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
    NOK 600.00 per night
  • Flotnings-Hytta Cabins near the river
    This cabin is located close to the river with a great view towards the fishing-spots at sector 1 and 2. The cabin is an old historic shelter-cabin where timber floaters took their rest. Separate toilet, and water from an outside water pump near by. The cabin is simple with 3 beds and a loft for 4 madrasses. Tables and chairs, a small kitchen and an outdoor barbecue. Parking close to the cabin. Boats for rent near by the cabin. The cabin is pre-booked through out season 2018
    NOK 500.00 per night
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